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well hello,'s been awhile.
i'm not really sure what to post but i figured i should write something.
let's see. i went to see less than jake tuesday, and that was great. we arrived at st. andrews just as the third crappy opening band was ending so it was perfect timing. less than jake was so good. they never disappoint me. it was afterwards that sucked. we are just getting off at the 10 mile exit when my phone rings. it's kyle. he's on some side street in detroit with a flat tire, no spare, and only 5 miles of towing. so here come loni, jason, and erica to the rescue. we drove all the way back to detroit and found kyle on glover street. what's funny is that jason's stepdad works at the firestation that was A BLOCK AWAY. but none of us knew that til we got there. so, we waited for the tow truck, drove back to kyle's, and then drove his friend to her friends house at 9 and hoover. finally made it back to my house. went to linda's to get something to eat and then went back to jason's and crashed. and i think i was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
wednesday jason and i went to the free screening of final destination 3. i thought it was pretty good. it was bloody, and of course that makes things better.
jason broke my pink ipod mini (well, i'm not exactly sure what happened. all i know is that he touched it and then it didn't work anymore, heh). thank goodness i had purchased the 2 year replacement plan. what sucked though is that they don't make the ipod mini anymore so i couldn't get another pink one. i got the ipod nano instead. and that's ok. it is so tiny. i guess it's kind of better cause there are more features and stuff.
oh, i finally got my car back after a whole bunch of bullshit. i never want to have to deal with stuff like that again. here's a quick synopsis. i brought my car in to get fixed from the accident. i brought it in on a monday morning and they said it would be done in about 4 days. so that friday i called them and my car was done but i couldn't pick it up until monday because they closed before i could get a ride there. the next monday morning christy drove me to the dealership. of course i inspected my car before i went in and i noticed two things: there were scratches on the bumper that they just replaced, and the grill was broken. the thing is, the grill was NOT broken before i took the car in. so i told the lady about the problems. she rubbed out the scratches and then tried to tell me that she didn't know if insurance would cover the grill being replaced because it didn't look like it was caused by the accident (well no shit, because it wasn't, but like she's gonna say otherwise). so she told me she'd call the insurance company to find out if they would cover it. even if they didn't it was getting fixed and i wasn't paying for it cause i was not going to let that slide. so while she's doing that i take my car over to service because my sunroof was stuck again and my cigarette lighter was blowing fuses. service says my car will be done in about 3 hours. so christy and i go get jason, get lunch, then go to her house. after a few hours with no word from the lady from the body shop or the service department, i call. insurance will cover the grill, and the service shop isn't done with the car yet. so i tell the body shop lady to just have them drive my car over to the body shop when they're finished so the grill can be replaced. well, the grill apparently can't be replaced until the next day, so i'm without a car again. she says it will be done first thing in the morning. yeah, didn't get it til about 4pm. car finally looked good, the cigarette lighter didn't blow fuses and the sunroof opened and shut. i drove back to jason's, decided to try the sunroof one more time and it was stuck AGAIN. so i went in the house all pissed off and told jason i was going right back. so we went, and since i didn't have a ride home they told me to bring my car in first thing the next morning. so there goes another day. the next day i brought it in at about 8am. i think was out of there by 9:30am or so. what a pain in the ass and a major inconvenience.
i'm so excited for this week. well, after monday that is because i have to work 1:30-10:00. ewww. but tuesday jason's got stuff planned for v-day. all i know is that he's cooking. then i have secret plans for wednesday. i can't say what they are though cause i know he reads this. hi jason! ♥
maybe that's about all for now cause i can't really think of anything else to write about at the moment.
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