confessions of a choirgirl (glitznglam) wrote,
confessions of a choirgirl

.when the screen door slams i'll be left waiting.

jason's grandma died sunday so it's been somber around here the past few days. we went to the viewing yesterday. it was sad. no one was crying but every time i looked someone in the eyes i wanted to just cry cause i could see the sadness within. especially jason's dad. plus it makes me think of how i'll be when my grandma dies. it's going to be rough. but i'm not going to think about that anymore.
the funeral is today but i couldn't go because i had to work. i really would have liked to have been at jason's side during this, but you do what you gotta do i guess. at least i was able to take/be with him yesterday.
i finally met jason's older brother, phil. i always forget jason has an older brother because a)jason doesn't mention him much and b)i had never met him before. but that was cool. what an event to meet the family at, but oh well.

on a brighter note, i'm going to see Larry the Cable guy with my mom and jason friday. that should be fun and hopefully will lighten the mood.

american idol started yesterday and i was so excited. the show itself wasn't all that great though. maybe today will be better. actually, it will be cause the commercial makes it look that way. haha. i'm a dork, i know.

other than that...not much else i guess.

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