confessions of a choirgirl (glitznglam) wrote,
confessions of a choirgirl

.my degree just might finally benefit me.

i've been applying for jobs and such and never hear anything (maybe because i apply for crap jobs that i have too much education for or something..heh) but anyway....i received a good piece of mail yesterday. i applied to work for the FIA (Family Independence stamps, cash assistance) and two days later i applied for a social work job that would either place me in foster care or child protective services. well, i got a letter saying i made it through the first screening or something for the Services Specialist position, which i assumed was the FIA position. it said i had to watch the enclosed dvd titled "is this job for me?" and then return it with the enclosed letter saying whether i would like to continue the hiring process or decline it. i watched the dvd and it was for the social work job instead. i was so excited because i wanted that more than the FIA job. yay! maybe i'll be getting a new job soon. i'll be so excited, but i'm not going to get my hopes up or anything. but keep your fingers crossed for me! =)
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hey, i never read this anymore, so sorry i didn't say anything earlier, but that sounds totally great! i hope that something good comes out of this for you.