confessions of a choirgirl (glitznglam) wrote,
confessions of a choirgirl

someone tried to steal my car saturday night...they didn't get the car (i wish whoever it was would have)...the weird thing is, they didn't even steal anything. i had cd's, an ipod mini, a necklace with a white gold and diamond pendant, and a portable dvd player (in the trunk) in there...they just left the cd's and ipod on the front seats. anyway, so i don't have my car and probably won't til next week cause the door and the ignition have to be repaired. woohoo. this car is cursed...i've had the worst luck with it. the one good thing is that Mark (the dealer) told me i can get out of my lease at anytime. i thought i was stuck with the car for 2 more years. so yay. i can't wait to get rid of that thing.
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