confessions of a choirgirl (glitznglam) wrote,
confessions of a choirgirl

.i'm in that kind of mood.

this post is mostly for rhonda i suppose since she asked about the pictures, but here are some of my fav pics from the cruise i went on last year.

grand cayman

kitty in roaton, honduras

me with dancers/bandmembers (i can't remember what they were called) in honduras

some pretty plant in honduras

airboat ride i went on in belize

shopping in belize

tulum mayan ruins, mexico

the structure in the back of the pic was the sacrificial altar

bread sculptures!

and my mom never drinks! haha.

there was more chocolate than you could ever imagine...those pics will have to be a separate post.

don pub singer. awesome.

can't figure out what we're talking about here after dinner...


cocktail party = free drinks for 2 hours =)

i have tons more pictures on the other of the room, the ship...other stuff like that. one day i'll get around to showing you. =)
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