confessions of a choirgirl (glitznglam) wrote,
confessions of a choirgirl

.vermont will not apologize for it's cheese!.

jason and i went to see "thank you for smoking" last night at the main art (thanks for the link to free passes rhonda!). that movie was great. if you're up for a good black comedy, i'd recommend it.
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i think i'm going to go see that this weekend - i'm glad to hear it was good.
Aw man! I have a pass for it for April 5th, but I think I might end up being an extra for America's Funniest Home Videos again that night. Not that I mind, because I'll be getting something out of that, I just wish it were on different days. But if I don't get in for AFV (doubtful though, because they need 1200 people), I'm definitely going to the screening.

Glad to see someone made use of my free pass linkage. I shall have to do that more often. I always see stuff for Detroit, moreso than Orlando anyway.