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.this is what it's like when worlds collide.

so, i went to see powerman 5000 last night at harpo's. to be honest, i wasn't really excited to go before i got there but jason's cousin cindy really wanted me/us to go, so i agreed. jason and i went with his friend eric while cindy, her boyfriend jeff, and their friend tony met us there later. the first opening band wasn't anything spectacular but they weren't horrible. the second band, however, was awesome. they had this chick singer who could seriously scream. i think she had more balls than some of the guys i've seen try to do that. their name is in this moment. they were good. then we went down to the floor for powerman and stood against the back wall. they were pretty good. some other factors of the night may have helped some, but all in all it wasn't disappointing. and spider looks like billy idol. heh. i had a lot of fun. i think we all had a lot of fun =)
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