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.gosh. [11 Oct 2009|11:36pm]
so for those of you who actually still have livejournal and still know that mine exists...just a quick update. i got a promotion at work (at the court, not meijer!). it's not one that i asked for or even considered, but was pretty much told that it's what i was going to do. :/ i'm feeling pretty good about myself though. i mean, i got full-time july 1st, got a $4 raise about a month later, and now i'll be the fiscal officer for the court and got an additional $5 raise. after 90 days if i can take on this beast of a job, i'll get another raise. it's about damn time someone recognizes me and my capabilities at that place. it feels...well....amazing. i'm movin' on up.
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.not sure how to say it. [17 Sep 2007|06:36am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

just incase some of you don't have myspace or check it frequently...i just wanted to let you know i got a new job a couple weeks ago! i work in the probation department at a court in oak park. so far so good. i like it. yay me!

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[02 Mar 2007|12:46pm]
last night, the air turned stale.
i couldn't breathe.
suffocating, overheating, longing, i imagined the end.
the end of this, the end of that, the end of it all.
my tears, my lungs, my heart, froze.
for a moment, i died.
leaning away, the cold, the bitterness, the rain...saved this, saved that, saved me.
and with one sweet kiss, i melted.
.i lived.
.i breathe.
.i love.
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.sadness. [23 Feb 2007|12:31pm]
well, after a little over 2 long, loving years...

fishy died. :*(
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.when the screen door slams i'll be left waiting. [17 Jan 2007|12:53pm]
jason's grandma died sunday so it's been somber around here the past few days. we went to the viewing yesterday. it was sad. no one was crying but every time i looked someone in the eyes i wanted to just cry cause i could see the sadness within. especially jason's dad. plus it makes me think of how i'll be when my grandma dies. it's going to be rough. but i'm not going to think about that anymore.
the funeral is today but i couldn't go because i had to work. i really would have liked to have been at jason's side during this, but you do what you gotta do i guess. at least i was able to take/be with him yesterday.
i finally met jason's older brother, phil. i always forget jason has an older brother because a)jason doesn't mention him much and b)i had never met him before. but that was cool. what an event to meet the family at, but oh well.

on a brighter note, i'm going to see Larry the Cable guy with my mom and jason friday. that should be fun and hopefully will lighten the mood.

american idol started yesterday and i was so excited. the show itself wasn't all that great though. maybe today will be better. actually, it will be cause the commercial makes it look that way. haha. i'm a dork, i know.

other than that...not much else i guess.

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.i'm so excited/and i just can't hide it. [20 Dec 2006|03:38pm]
i'm going to see bob seger tonight! yay!

even though i have really really really crappy seats i don't care cause i bought 3 tickets for $80 (that's like the total price of one on ticketmaster)!!!
my mom is really excited about going too.
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.my degree just might finally benefit me. [05 Nov 2006|12:03pm]
i've been applying for jobs and such and never hear anything (maybe because i apply for crap jobs that i have too much education for or something..heh) but anyway....i received a good piece of mail yesterday. i applied to work for the FIA (Family Independence Agency...food stamps, cash assistance) and two days later i applied for a social work job that would either place me in foster care or child protective services. well, i got a letter saying i made it through the first screening or something for the Services Specialist position, which i assumed was the FIA position. it said i had to watch the enclosed dvd titled "is this job for me?" and then return it with the enclosed letter saying whether i would like to continue the hiring process or decline it. i watched the dvd and it was for the social work job instead. i was so excited because i wanted that more than the FIA job. yay! maybe i'll be getting a new job soon. i'll be so excited, but i'm not going to get my hopes up or anything. but keep your fingers crossed for me! =)
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[05 Sep 2006|12:12am]
so i'm scrolling through someone's myspace as my mom is standing next to me...

mom: whoa, wait, who's that?
me: that?
mom: yeah, he's hot.
me: mom, that's the lead singer of one of my favorite bands. it's trent reznor from nine inch nails.
mom: well i didn't know. he's still really good looking.

for once i didn't have to con her into thinking someone i think is gorgeous really is!

oh that was classic...
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[23 Aug 2006|01:02pm]
someone tried to steal my car saturday night...they didn't get the car (i wish whoever it was would have)...the weird thing is, they didn't even steal anything. i had cd's, an ipod mini, a necklace with a white gold and diamond pendant, and a portable dvd player (in the trunk) in there...they just left the cd's and ipod on the front seats. anyway, so i don't have my car and probably won't til next week cause the door and the ignition have to be repaired. woohoo. this car is cursed...i've had the worst luck with it. the one good thing is that Mark (the dealer) told me i can get out of my lease at anytime. i thought i was stuck with the car for 2 more years. so yay. i can't wait to get rid of that thing.
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.another one. [21 Aug 2006|01:06pm]

and austin too!
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.way too long. [15 Jul 2006|12:47pm]
(Click here to post your own answers for this meme.)

I miss somebody right now. × I don't watch much TV these days. I own lots of books.
I wear glasses or contact lenses. × I love to play video games. I've tried marijuana.
I've watched porn movies. × I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship. × I believe honesty is usually the best policy.
I curse sometimes.  (sometimes?) I have changed a lot mentally over the last year. × I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me.
it goes on...Collapse )
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.rum de rum rum rum. [15 Jul 2006|12:37pm]
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.i'm in that kind of mood. [15 Apr 2006|08:52pm]
this post is mostly for rhonda i suppose since she asked about the pictures, but here are some of my fav pics from the cruise i went on last year.

grand cayman

picture-ramaCollapse )
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.it's about time. [15 Apr 2006|08:48pm]
i've been meaning to post this forever, but hey look who i finally got a pic with! (i know i look like crap, but whatever)

oh, and jay, this is the pic of me and jay from the suicide machines incase you're wondering =)
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.vermont will not apologize for it's cheese!. [24 Mar 2006|08:22am]
jason and i went to see "thank you for smoking" last night at the main art (thanks for the link to free passes rhonda!). that movie was great. if you're up for a good black comedy, i'd recommend it.
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.this is what it's like when worlds collide. [26 Feb 2006|12:02pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

so, i went to see powerman 5000 last night at harpo's. to be honest, i wasn't really excited to go before i got there but jason's cousin cindy really wanted me/us to go, so i agreed. jason and i went with his friend eric while cindy, her boyfriend jeff, and their friend tony met us there later. the first opening band wasn't anything spectacular but they weren't horrible. the second band, however, was awesome. they had this chick singer who could seriously scream. i think she had more balls than some of the guys i've seen try to do that. their name is in this moment. they were good. then we went down to the floor for powerman and stood against the back wall. they were pretty good. some other factors of the night may have helped some, but all in all it wasn't disappointing. and spider looks like billy idol. heh. i had a lot of fun. i think we all had a lot of fun =)

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.i la-la-looove you. [19 Feb 2006|12:52pm]
[ mood | okay ]

let's see how much i can update about the past week in the next 15 minutes.
valentine's day. well, i knew jason was going to be making me dinner, but that's all i knew. so during the day tuesday i went home for a little while so he could prepare some stuff. plus i wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple to bring over for dessert so it worked out perfectly. i finally made it back to jasons. he was all dressed up and cute. he wore suit pants, a black (kinda shiny) dress shirt, and a tie. it was adorable. he cooked a pasta dish with shrimp, asparagus, mushrooms (even though he hates them), and a garlic butter sauce. it was really good. then i told him what i brought and we ate some. then it was downstairs to his room. he made me stand in the dark laundry room part of the basement while he got stuff ready and then made me walk into his room with my eyes closed. when i finally opened them there were candles lit and two gifts awaiting me on the pillow. one was a red monkey holding a red heart that said i love you, and the other gift was a white gold diamond "o" pendant necklace. very pretty. i gave jason his gifts which included a pair of family guy boxers, a canister of cajun mix snack stuff, and a little devil gorilla stuffed animal.
then the next day. well, i had something up my sleeve. all jason knew was that we'd have to leave the house, but he had no idea what we were doing. meanwhile, the day prior and during this day i had been secretly gathering stuff of his that would be needed. i grabbed clothes, fruit snacks (incase his sugar dropped), alcohol, needles, and insulin. then we were on our way. we stopped at quiznos for a bite to eat, then stopped at my house so i could pick up the rest of the stuff that would be needed. then we were on our way. i had rented a jucuzzi suite for the night. when we arrived i told him i would be right back and i brought all the stuff in, checked in, brought the stuff to the room, and then went back to the car to get him. he was so nervous cause he had no idea what was going on. his heart was racing and everything. he had a cigarette then i led him down a long hallway, slipped the key in the door and led him into the room. i walked him over to the bed and he figured out where we were. heh. he was definitely surprised. so we sat in the jacuzzi for a while, then went to dinner at a thai place in troy (that turned out to have really good food), stopped at walmart for popcorn, shampoo, and conditioner, then headed back. relaxed some more in the hot tub and watched a little tv. had a couple drinks as well. all in all it turned out to be a very nice 3 day valentine's day adventure. i was happy. he was happy. it was all good. =)
so, the next day after checkout we stopped at mcdonalds and sat outside in the car and ate in front of his house. talked a bit...then realized it was garbage day when the huge garbage truck was behind us so we drove off. i thought of something to do. i drove to lou's pet shop (jason didn't know where we were going...haha) so we could check out the bearded dragons cause we had been talking about maybe getting one. as soon as we walked in there was a bearded dragon in a tank right in front..and the price tag said $199 for entire setup (tank, heat lamp, uv lamp, red lamp, food dish, water dish, driftwood log to sleep on, plant, food, and hollow log to crawl under) and bearded dragon. that was an incredible deal. plus the beardie was so cute she was hard to resist. she has some orange around her face and chin and down her sides. she's adorable. so we talked about it, and decided to get her. and after much deliberation, we named her talen. i'll have to take a picture of her so you guys can see what we are the proud new parents of. haha. oh yeah, she's about 18 months old, about 18-20 inches long, and a sweetie.
so yeah, that's been my week in a nutshell.

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.take my hand, we'll make it i swear. [11 Feb 2006|11:40am]
[ mood | bored ]

well hello, livejournal...it's been awhile.
i'm not really sure what to post but i figured i should write something.
let's see. i went to see less than jake tuesday, and that was great. we arrived at st. andrews just as the third crappy opening band was ending so it was perfect timing. less than jake was so good. they never disappoint me. it was afterwards that sucked. we are just getting off at the 10 mile exit when my phone rings. it's kyle. he's on some side street in detroit with a flat tire, no spare, and only 5 miles of towing. so here come loni, jason, and erica to the rescue. we drove all the way back to detroit and found kyle on glover street. what's funny is that jason's stepdad works at the firestation that was A BLOCK AWAY. but none of us knew that til we got there. so, we waited for the tow truck, drove back to kyle's, and then drove his friend to her friends house at 9 and hoover. finally made it back to my house. went to linda's to get something to eat and then went back to jason's and crashed. and i think i was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
wednesday jason and i went to the free screening of final destination 3. i thought it was pretty good. it was bloody, and of course that makes things better.
jason broke my pink ipod mini (well, i'm not exactly sure what happened. all i know is that he touched it and then it didn't work anymore, heh). thank goodness i had purchased the 2 year replacement plan. what sucked though is that they don't make the ipod mini anymore so i couldn't get another pink one. i got the ipod nano instead. and that's ok. it is so tiny. i guess it's kind of better cause there are more features and stuff.
oh, i finally got my car back after a whole bunch of bullshit. i never want to have to deal with stuff like that again. here's a quick synopsis. i brought my car in to get fixed from the accident. i brought it in on a monday morning and they said it would be done in about 4 days. so that friday i called them and my car was done but i couldn't pick it up until monday because they closed before i could get a ride there. the next monday morning christy drove me to the dealership. of course i inspected my car before i went in and i noticed two things: there were scratches on the bumper that they just replaced, and the grill was broken. the thing is, the grill was NOT broken before i took the car in. so i told the lady about the problems. she rubbed out the scratches and then tried to tell me that she didn't know if insurance would cover the grill being replaced because it didn't look like it was caused by the accident (well no shit, because it wasn't, but like she's gonna say otherwise). so she told me she'd call the insurance company to find out if they would cover it. even if they didn't it was getting fixed and i wasn't paying for it cause i was not going to let that slide. so while she's doing that i take my car over to service because my sunroof was stuck again and my cigarette lighter was blowing fuses. service says my car will be done in about 3 hours. so christy and i go get jason, get lunch, then go to her house. after a few hours with no word from the lady from the body shop or the service department, i call. insurance will cover the grill, and the service shop isn't done with the car yet. so i tell the body shop lady to just have them drive my car over to the body shop when they're finished so the grill can be replaced. well, the grill apparently can't be replaced until the next day, so i'm without a car again. she says it will be done first thing in the morning. yeah, didn't get it til about 4pm. car finally looked good, the cigarette lighter didn't blow fuses and the sunroof opened and shut. i drove back to jason's, decided to try the sunroof one more time and it was stuck AGAIN. so i went in the house all pissed off and told jason i was going right back. so we went, and since i didn't have a ride home they told me to bring my car in first thing the next morning. so there goes another day. the next day i brought it in at about 8am. i think was out of there by 9:30am or so. what a pain in the ass and a major inconvenience.
i'm so excited for this week. well, after monday that is because i have to work 1:30-10:00. ewww. but tuesday jason's got stuff planned for v-day. all i know is that he's cooking. then i have secret plans for wednesday. i can't say what they are though cause i know he reads this. hi jason! ♥
maybe that's about all for now cause i can't really think of anything else to write about at the moment.

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[17 Jan 2006|10:14pm]
haha, today i thought of something that someone said to me once and it cracks me up. it's probably the most obscene, yet hilariously funny thing someone has ever said to me.
"quit flapping your cocksucker!"
it was really funny because it was said to me because i was being too quiet...and it came out of a 40-50 something year old womans mouth.
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[21 Dec 2005|09:11am]
so far i've passed all of my classes, but i have one exam left today. and this is the one my entire degree depends on. ahh. i'm scared to take it!

last week i got into a car accident taking jason to the eye doctor (it snowed really really bad thursday)...so now i have to go to court tomorrow morning and hope i'll get to take it under advisement and not get any points because i got a ticket last month. i don't need all those points. maybe, if i'm lucky, the cop won't even show up and everything will get thrown out and i won't get any points or have to pay anything.
then i have to get a quote on my car and turn it in to the insurance company so i can get it fixed.
i think this car is cursed.
oh, but i know what i was going to write. so i got in an accident thursday taking jason to the eye doctor and christy got in an accident thursday taking ben (her son) to the doctor. how weird is that.

i need lots and lots of luck today and tomorrow. :/
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